Feelings and Emotions

Weekly Devotional
June 10, 2019

We were created as emotional beings. We all experience all kinds of emotions. Some are from God and some are not, but don’t condemn yourself because of the way you may feel at times. We enjoy the feeling of being loved and the feelings of joy and happiness. But, fear, anxiety, and hopelessness are emotions that plague many people. Don’t try to carry emotions that bring you pain and weigh you down. God can be trusted with them regardless of how you feel. Remember you were created in the image of God. Part of that image is an emotional being. Jesus had emotions. He wept at the tomb of Lazarus, He was angry with the money changers and he was distressed and deeply grieved in the garden of Gethsemane. He always trusted His Heavenly Father in the midst of His feelings. Jesus is our example. Put your trust in your Heavenly Father.

Psalm 31:19-20(NLT) Your goodness is so great! You have store up great blessings for those who honor You. You have done so much for those who come to You for protection, blessing them before the watching would. You hide them in the shelter of your presence, safe from those who conspire against them. You shelter them in Your presence far from accusing tongues.

Claudell Peck, Director

Women of Destiny Ministry

Blessing, Protection, and Favor,

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