Our STaff

  • Pastor Greg Ables, LEad Pastor

    Pastor Greg has led NFC since 2006.  He has pastored churches in Arkansas and Kentucky and is proud grandfather of 3.  Contact Pastor Greg at ables@newspringchurch.com

  • Chris Beasley, Associate

    Contact Chris at chris@newspringchurch.com

  • Robert Mays, WOrship

    Contact Robert  at robert@newspringchurch.com

  • Mike Graham, High School

    Contact Mike at mike@newspringchurch.com

  • Hayden Jackson, Jr High

    Contact Hayden at hayden@newspringchurch.com

  • Nate Smith, Kids

    Contact Nate at nate@newspringchurch.com

  • Alyssa Mapes, Puddlejumpers and Nursery

    Contact Alyssa at alyssa@newspringchurch.com